Diana Neamtu

As we live in this world where comparison and competition are promoted so much, it’s not an unusual think to feel judged. You can be the one judging yourself or you can feel that others judge you. You know what I am talking about, right? 

I recently found myself in this kind of situation and here are some tricks that helped me realign with the love within. I truly hope this simple actions can help you too:

Change the story

When you feel judged you are running the same story in your head over and over again. This won’t help at all. It would be much better if you would stop the momentum and shift your thoughts. Think about something that makes you feel good. It may be a pure innocent kid you have in your life, it may be your dream about the next vacation that awaits you or may be an achievement you had that you are proud of. Choose whatever you want, just press stop for the story that makes you feel bad and press play for a more inspiring one. 

Go help someone

When you focus on helping someone else, you are directing your energy into being in the service of the ones around you. Being in the service of others is a great catalizator of positive energy, it will instantly make you feel better.

Make someone feel loved or appreciated

Here are a lot of simple things you can do such as: texting a good friend telling him/her why he/she is important to you, telling your colleagues at work why you appreciate them, prepare the favourite meal for your lover, post beautiful, genuine comments on social media and many, many others. Contributing on making someone else feel better will get you in a positive vibe as well.

Get out and do something you love

For me the walks in nature work really well, I love the stillness of the nature. I am sure you already know what you enjoy doing. You can even make a list and, when you need it, just go and choose a thing you love from that list and dive fully into it.

Meet a friend and don’t stop talking about beautiful things

Even though I believe this is a self work, sometimes friends may help a lot. Basically, when you meet a friend that has a good mood and you start talking about nice things this can help you get out of your “drama” and make you feel good again. After that you can see the same situation from a different perspective, one that is much more filled with love. 


Meditation helps the mind to calm down, the body to get relaxed and the spirit comes in to lead the way. It has a lot of benefits, but in this case, it helps you see the situation through the lens of love, detachment and welcomes magical solutions for the situation you are in. It may be to talk with the one that you think has judged you, to just let it go, or any other possibility that you are guided to follow to feel released. 

Dear one, next time when you feel judged remember these simple actions that you may follow or come back to this article and choose the trick that resonates most with you. I can guarantee you will feel a shift of energy and you will feel better. 

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