How to get to Cancun – Transportation

The easiest way to reach Cancun is by plane and you will land on Cancun airport. From there you can get a taxi to any area or hotel around. Even if you want to go to the beautiful area of Tulum, Akumal or Cozumel, Cancun Airport is your first stop.

Important tip:

Make sure you book a taxi before your arrival, otherwise the multitude of drivers trying to sell you a ride will be overwhelming and not all of them are safe or approved drivers.

General tips

  • Make sure you take dollars with you – ironically some people charge more if you pay in Mexican pesos
  • Learn some basic Spanish words
  • Do your research prior to your trip, so you know what activities you want to do and if they are available (we wanted to do snorkeling with whale sharks, but this kind of activity is only available from May to September)
  • Explore the are, but make sure you take time to enjoy the beach as well, in Cancun are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Must do.s

Discover the Mayan ruins and history 

Discover the amazing sea life in their natura habitat

Discover the Mexican jungle and the Cenotes

It would be a miss to go to Cancun and just lay on the beach the entire day. The Mexican culture has so much to offer and there are so many beautiful places you can discover around Yucatan. In our case, we booked few trips and the guides took care to give us a glimpse of the history, local food, sea activities and more.

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