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ThetaHealing is a meditation technique and is meant to free your body, mind and spirit and gives you the ability to get rid of your limiting beliefs and create the reality you desire. ThetaHealing helps you lower stress, anxiety and worry, it leads you to deep relaxation, enhance your mental clarity and helps you release overwhelming emotions.

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The session lasts 1h and it is held in English, online via Zoom.

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ThetaHealing Therapy is a method of subconscious reprogramming and physical, emotional, spiritual healing. It is a beautiful and accessible way for anyone to reconnect with themselves and their inner power.

Theta waves correspond to the relaxed state of consciousness, deep and lucid dreaming, inner peace and intuition. The theta state is an introspective state in which creativity is deeply activated. On this level it is usual that brilliant solutions appear, but also spontaneous emotional healing.

Theta Healing is a technique of meditation and is meant to free the body, mind and spirit and gives one the ability to get rid of limiting beliefs and live a life of positive thoughts through prayer and meditation.

The philosophy of ThetaHealing is to live, train, and coach other people to create a better life through love and consequently, reach harmony in our mind, body, and spirit.

ThetaHealing might help you if:

  • you feel stressed or anxious too often
  • you would like to have more clarity on your next step in your career
  • you experience the same patterns in your relationships, like attracting the same kind of partner or having too much drama
  • you attract the same work environment, like demanding bosses or rude colleagues
  • you want to evolve in your career, but feel stuck
  • you feel lost and disconnected from your inner guide or intuition
  • you want to work on your mindset to release limiting beliefs about your career, money, relationships and health
  • you can’t find meaning in your work and nothing seams to excite you
  • you experience overwhelming emotions and can’t get the pressure off
  • you know there is more for yourself, but feel blocked

Scientists have concluded that theta frequency has the ability to lower stress and anxiety, lead to deep relaxation, enhance the mental clarity and creativity, minimize ache and increase a state of wellbeing.
If you feel ThetaHealing can help you, book your 1-1 session and start shifting your reality towards your desired reality.


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