Hi, I am Diana 


I am helping people lower the volume of their inner critic and amplify the voice of their inner guide, so they design a life of happiness, love and abundance.

About me

First and foremost I am a soul and a human with a great love and joy of life that are calling to be shared.

I am a life design & holistic guide, mindfulness and meditation teacher, Thetahealing® Therapist, Sedona Method practitioner and passionate creator of educational programs for children and adults.

I am here to practice unconditional love, kindness, compassion and my intention is to share with you the tools that help me reconnect to my inner guide, so you can be your own best friend and your biggest cheerleader.

Guided meditations

I invite you to reconnect with yourself with the use of guided meditations.

The practice of meditation helps you to:

♡ relax and feel better in your skin and life

♡ find solutions from a place of alignment with your true desires and values

♡ release stress, anxiety and worries

♡ increase self-awareness and creativity

♡ calm your nervous system and boost mental health 

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1-1 sessions

The guided 1-1 sessions are a process of self-rediscovery and transformation, are a tool that helps you move easier and faster through challenges that consume your energy and a way of releasing old patterns that no longer serve you. The 1-1 sessions with me can help you step into your true nature, letting your inner guide lead the way. 

The 1-1 sessions can help you to:

♡ get clarity on what you want

♡ rediscover the connection with your inner resources

♡ release limiting beliefs that hold you back from creating the life you want

♡ release emotional baggage that holds you back from living a happy life

If you feel I am the right guide for you, reach out and let’s schedule your 1-1 session.

Trusted Guidance


In order to solve any situation, first we need to acknowledge its existence.


Being in a state of resistance, creates more resistance, so second we work on accepting what is.


From a place of calm and acceptance, the healing finds it’s way in one’s being.

Thank you Diana for leading the amazing meditation session yesterday. Your calming voice and guidance during the session was fantastic. In the busy world we need to find a little while for ourselves to step back and reflect. I hope to participate in more sessions like that in the future.


Thank you with gratitude for what you offer! Thank you very much and with love for everything! I will take all these recommendations and study them myself. I have come to understand that everything that is outside, the first time is inside us. I admire you and congratulate you! Hugs with great love! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!


The meditation session was amazing, you have a great voice for leading a meditation! Thank you!


Diana led a wonderful meditation session for our team. It was truly helpful for those who participated. Thank you for sharing your talents with us!


Meditation community

If you are just getting started with meditation or you are already experienced in it, this community will help you develop a constant practice.

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