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 Design a life of happiness, love and abundance. Start from within.

Stress relief workbook

Romanian version. Self directed exercises to help release stress anxiety and worries.

Habit tracker

The friend that will help you keep track of your new habits progress. Ready to print.

Self love objectives

Take a tea and few quiet moments to reconnect and decide on those mind, body and soul intentions.

Travel Guide to Cancun Mexico

Meditație de relaxare 

Self-Love affirmations meditation

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I am here to guide you to jump over the obstacles that are holding you back and create a life you love.

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In order to solve any situation, first we need to acknowledge its existence.


Being in a state of resistance, creates more resistance, so we first work on accepting what is.


From a place of calm and acceptance, healing finds its way to one’s being


Meditation community

If you are just getting started with meditation or you are already experienced in it, this community will help you develop a constant practice.

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