I’m happy to see you here.


I am Diana – life design & holistic guide, meditation teacher and world traveler ♡

First and foremost I am a soul and a human with a great love and joy for life that are calling to be shared.

I am a life design & holistic guide, mindfulness and meditation teacher, Thetahealing® therapist, Sedona Method practitioner and passionate creator of educational programs for children and adults.

I am here to practice unconditional love, kindness, compassion and my intention is to share the tools that help me reconnect to my inner guide with you, so you can be your own best friend and your biggest cheerleader.

If you need guidance I can help you re-learn to listen the voice of you inner guide and to turn off the voice of your inner critic, so you can design a fulfilling life, full of happiness, love and abundance.

My Approach

I am starting from within. I believe that all we see in our external environment is a reflection of what’s inside. In my perspective one of the most important responsibilities is to work on our mindset (limiting beliefs and patterns) and on the emotional charge we assigned to specific life situations.

I believe we are all programmed to make specific choices, to follow a specific life path, but this programming is often taking one into an undesired direction. Together we can change this subconscious programming and release the emotional baggage that keep you in attracting the same life circumstances and prevent you from creating a life you love. 

What is soulful living?

Soulful living means to live your life from a place of connection with your intuition, to take action from a space of confidence in yourself and trust in the universe, to act with love and kindness, towards yourself and towards everything that is alive.

To live soulfully means to be kind, calm, brave, to be confident, patient, full of love. Living with soul is a way of being, which fulfills you and supports you to live in abundance, kindness and happiness. Only you know what animates your life, I am here to guide you to faster discover the answers that are already within you.



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